Hi everyone! Today I think I made the perfect look for casual cold days, as well as for winter activities, like skiing and hiking. This pretty chaki parka offers style and comfort in the same time. It's really a practical and versatile piece to wear. Here, I combined it with Ray-Bans, black jumper and leather leggings and an oversized bag. Hope you like it!


Look of the Week #5 (Red Wine)

look of the week#6

Burgundy: One Color-One Story! This seductive dark shade of red is perfect for the cold days of autumn and winter, since it adds the right amount of feminity and warmth in a layered ''heavy'' outfit. That color is great with black and white garments and some metallic details. Hope we insired you!


La Boheme

Hello everyone! The day I wore that outfit I was in so goppd mood for no actual reason...Probably, a denim jacket and a pencil skirt can make everyone happy! There's something modern, edgy and feminine in these pieces, that I adore. Hope you like burgundy, white and denim, as much as I do!


Christmas Wishlist

Hello there! Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year! So, we picked for you the treasures we love the most and created not one, not two, but three collections of goodies! Each wishlist, is about a different side of Christmas: the Celebration, The Family, The Love. 
                  Hope you enjoy!                                  


Gloomy Gray Day

Hello! For today I prepared a cozy winter look, in shades of gray. I paired a gray swaeter with leather leggings and knee high boots and I added a gray coat. I wanted to keep it casual, so I chose a laconic black clutch and no jewelry at all. These frosty days are perfect for soft oversized swaeters and boots. Hope you like my idea!


Blossoms of the Winter

Hi there! How 's everyone today? These cold days before Christmas, you will see a lot of festive and romantic looks, as well as some casual sporty outfits. So, this time I played with dark forest green and beige. I added few deep red details and I invested in flowers, with a sweet necklace and some beautiful anemones. Hope you like it!


Christmas Feeling

Hi everyone! This post is about Christmas and how we can create a warm holiday atmoshere in our home! So, we gathered pretty images, ideas and crafts, which can transform our place to a hospitable, friendly corner.