Golden State

Hey there! Lately we decided to add more diversity in our blog, so more beauty posts are about to come! Here, I show you my favourite casual chic beauty look. I prefer warm tones in my foundation and powder and I always add bronzer. I think Its miraculus, since it always makes my skin look healthier and radiant. I finish the look with subtile eyeliner pink lips. Hope you like it!


Maple Leaves

Hello! Here is another sweet winter look, combining pink and maroon. Pink offers sweetness and beauty, while maroon adds mystery and feminity. I added pink gold jewellery and I kept calm quiet tones in my make up. Hope you like it!


Time after Time...

Hi! As noted from the title of this post, some pieces are timeless and return again and again. A classic coat, a black chiffon shirt and an interesting scarf can always create an elegant and posh outfit. Of course, It's important to add some new trendy pieces, like leather leggings and booties. Hope you like this classic and modern look! 


Winter Rose

Hey there! Here is another beauty post. This time I wanted to create a softer look, with blush and pink tones. Inspired form pink roses, first love and kindness, I gave attention to products like foundation, powder  and concealer. These three factors can either compliment our face or hide our beauty. So, Its very important to choose the right shade for your skin tone, especially regarding concealer and try them under natural sun light. Hope you like this soft and feminine beauty look!



Hello! I think the best thing happened this year is the oversized scarf / cardigan ! Is cozy, comfortable and so pretty. I decided to pair mine with black pieces in different textures - knit, leather, suede. Most importantly scarves can make every girl feel like a muse, a mademoiselle. 


Chic in the Morning

Hi everyone! These cold days there 's nothing better than knit swaeters and cozy cardigans. So I started my day with a cozy oversized scarf, a maroon bag,  a different skirt and gloves. This time of the year nature is so pretty and seductive, so morning walks are more than welcome!



Hey there! Sometimes, I feel the need for simple looks, with elegant stylish pieces. So today I combined my camel coat and my leggings, with a simple shirt and extravagant leopard heels. I love how the natural background compliments the colors of this outfit. Kisses!