Room with view

Hello my friends! This week with this hot weather fruit were essential on the table. So I prepared a plate with grapes, peaches and bananas and I made an omelet with special ingredients! As you can


Pinspiration {Cyclades}

                                       Hello everyone! This post is about our latest obsession, apart from Instagram of course, Pinterest. In there we can find inspiration and information about pretty much everything, from outfits and style, to travel destinations, fitness and food. It 's so much fun. Also, it's an easy way


Look of the Week #27 {Extraordinary}


Hello there! Today we chose pieces more outstanding and luxurious perfect for a special event, a romantic date or a formal meeting. So, the three essential colors of this look are black, red and white.


Lemon Garden

Hello everyone! As you can guess from the title, the previous week I was in one of the most beautiful and cute gardens, with tall lemon trees and white blossoms. In this peaceful environment, I had no choice but to create a romantic ,girly, fresh look using white and lace. I paired a white lace top with a



Hello! For this day, I kept for you a happy bright outfit, to welcome weekend with a nice way! To be honest, I love more Fridays than weekends, because this day is the prelude of the weekend. So


In the Countryside...

Hello! As you can see from the pics, this post is about food!  The white pieces and the little lilac details remind me of the countryside, where families used to take their breakfast admiring the beautiful view from the nature and the wildlife...So, in our rustic breakfast we chose poached eggs,


The Crop Top #9

Untitled #63

Hello everyone! Here is a little weekend inspiration , with one of the most useful and delightful pieces: crop top. They are so easy to pair with pants, skirts, shorts....and they always make our figure