Gladiator Heels

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Hi everyone! Here 's a weekend inspiration about a hot spring-summer trend: gladiators. There are many different options, from casual and comfy pieces to extraordinary elegant heels. Here we represent from one side affordable low cost choices, while on the other side, we present some  investment (and really expensive) pieces. Enjoy!

                                                                                                 Love, Eliza & Eva


The Blues...

Hi everyone! As weather becomes brighter and warmer, we can try lighter and maybe different work outfits. So, this time I mixed tones of one of my favorite colors: blue. I think is probably one of the few so chic, calm yet casual colors. Sapphire blue for jewels and pants, light blue for the top and baby blue for the accessories. Hope you like it !


Searching for Inspiration...

Hello! How is your week so far? In this post I decided to show you a source of inspiration, besides pinterest, weheartit, instagram. etc...Vogue is so inspiring, with so many styles, trends and fashion week feedback. As for the outfit, I blended tones of white, grey, gold and black. Hope you like it!


Look of the Week#11 {Classy Poncho}


Hi! With this look we try to show that every piece can be either casual or formal, depending on the way we style our outfit. So here, we created an elegant look, perfect for special occasions, with one of the most casual pieces: the poncho. Hope you like it! 


Pastel Dream

Hi everyone! I just love spring colors, so today I chose pretty pastel shades of pink, blue and white. These three colors combined together create a dreamy and sweet outfit. Here, I picked a pink blazer, nude heels, pale blue accessories and white garments. I finished with natural make up and casual hair. Hope you like it!


Hello Spring!

Hello my friends! Here is our celebrating post for the arrival of spring. With this outfit I paired colors which for me represent spring: red, white and pink. A red bodycon dress, a classic white coat and pink cute accessories lead to a romantic look with a feminine twist. As for the make up, I used neutrals and red for the lips. Bye!


Out & About

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Well, I 've been running on errands in the city, so I decided to show you my classic outfit for these everyday chores. A coat even in March is essential, as well as a pair of heels. To be honest, I prefer modest pieces, so a midi skirt and a shirt are my best choice. Red lips are a personal favourite too!